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Tips For The Humid Cozumel Summer


Friday, June 14, 2013

In Cozumel, the blues skies and sunshine are starting to be interrupted now by rainy season downpours.

All the extra humidity can play havoc with your furniture, so avoid unneccesary damage and unsightly marks with the help of these 5 great tips!

  • If you get any white mold growing on natural rattan or seagrass furniture, you can remove it with a mixture of Pinesol (known as Pinol in Mexico) and water. Soak a towel in it, rub it over the rattan gently and then finish with a clear water rinse dabbing any extra water out of the furniture. The pine will actually kill the mold, not just get rid of it temporarily.
  • Use Pledge on rattan, seagrass and other woven products to return a nice sheen. Take a clean, white terry cloth towel and apply in a circular motion so you don’t tear the rattan or leave pieces of the cloth stuck in the natural fibers. For very delicate materials, just blot and never rub.
  • For your wood furniture, use Pledge or other wood polishing products, but only every other time. One time, dust with Pledge, the next just use a clean white terry cloth rag. Alternate back and forth so you don’t get too much wax buildup. Remember go with the grain of the wood, not in circular motions.
  • For refurbishing hardwood or teak patio furniture there is a product called 3 in 1 Oil that is red. It works well to restore and refurbish by putting natural oils back in teak or other hardwood patio furniture. It helps avoid cracking and will put a nice glow on the furniture again, instead of that gray weathered look.
  • For microfiber sofas, dining chairs and other upholstered products that have pen marks, stains or are damp from the humidity, have a professional steam cleaner come out. They will remove stains and make the products smell like new. Contact us for our recommended steam cleaning companies in Cozumel!